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Manufacturers of Advance Automation

Die Casting and Foundry Automation Products from Industrial Innovations - Advance Automation

In March of 2014, Industrial Innovations purchased Advance Products Corporation’s Automation division. Under the newly-formed Advance Automation LLC, we continue to offer reciprocating die sprayers, spray manifold technology, robot extractors, and servo ladlers at our newly refurbished facility in Grandville, Michigan.

As part of Industrial Innovations, with 30+ years of delivering outstanding lubrication management services to the metalworking industries, we can now offer Casting and Forging customers SPRA-RITE PRO-MIX Proportional Mixing Systems and RECLAIM-PRO Reclamation Systems. This expanded product line make Industrial Innovations - manufacturers of Advance Automation, your complete solution for die casting products and fully automated robotic workcells.


Whether you need a plant-wide or portable system, our solutions deliver a consistent, reliable water/lubricant blend optimized for your application. Learn More


From automated reciprocators to spray nozzles and manifolds, we offer a full line of lubricant application technologies. Learn More


Precision is key when pouring hot, molten materials and our line of ladlers all provide 99.9% repeatability and accuracy along with a no-dunking feature. Learn More


Casting processes, given the intrinsic properties of the environment, lend themselves perfectly to automated technologies. We offer everything from workcell configuration to end-of-arm tooling helping bring productivity and safety to your operations. Learn More


Reclaiming and purifying lubricants for re-use is more than a green initiative. Recycling of lubricants can improve your bottom line by significantly reducing your investment in lubricant. Learn More


The maintenance of cold chamber shot sleeves plays a crucial role in maximizing the life of your shot end die cast tooling as well as the quality of your process. Our solutions enable you to run your own maintenance program and reduce new capital investment. Learn More