Spray Lubrication and Die Casting Automation Articles

Manufacturers of Spra-Rite and Advance Automation

Spray Solutions: The Key to Metal Forming

Lubricant spraying solutions provide important benefits and are critical to surface finish.

Lubricación en Spray: Clave en el Formado de Metal


Lubricant Application System Smooths the Road for Stamper’s Ramp-up

Learn how ODM Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc. has blazed its own trail in the automotive segments.


Ladling Systems | Industrial Innovations

Shot Size Repeatability in Die Casting Saves Money

Quality ladlers play an important role in the die casting process and can achieve 99+% accuracy.

La Repetibilidad En El Volumen Inyectado Ahorra Dinero


Press Lubrication Article - Die Mounted

Quick Die Change, Quicker Lubricant Changeout

How lubrication strategies affect changeover time.


Press Lubrication Article - Die Mounted

4-Ways to Avoid Hidden Costs

It takes more than just tracking the cost per gallon.