Metalworking and Die Casting Industries

Spray Lubrication, Mixing, Recycling and Foundry Automation for Metalworking and Die Casting Industries

Industrial Innovations has the know-how across a wide-range of metalworking sectors to optimize and manage lubrication programs for improved operations. We help boost productivity, improve die and tool life, achieve consistent part quality and reduce your lubrication and removal fees.

Stamping, Fabricating and Roll Forming
Friction and die wear are a serious consideration in metal forming manufacturing. Whereas a certain amount of friction is necessary, excessive friction is undesirable as it increases the amount of force required to perform an operation, causing wear on tooling and affecting  ease of metal flow through the operation.  An effective lubrication management solution helps to optimize metal forming operations. 

With a multitude of installations, Industrial Innovations is the leading North American provider of lubrication solutions to the metalforming industry from stand-alone solutions to comprehensive plant-wide, closed-loop systems. With 500-PSI capability, our equipment can easily mix and distribute thick and emulsified lubricants required for processing of High Strength Steel (HSS) and advanced materials.

Forging and Die Casting
Proper lubricant application in metal forging and casting operations can help lower frictional forces and create a smoother flow of metal through the mold. In addition, lubrication can create a thermal barrier between the workpiece and the die, helping to reduce temperature gradients that can affect component integrity.  Lubricants also aid in keeping the metal and die surfaces from sticking together and assist in the removal of the workpiece from the die.

Our specialized servo-driven SPRA-RITE Lube Reciprocators quickly and accurately guide the spray manifold into the die area for precise lube application as each nozzle can be programmed at any location in the spray cycle. Our manifolds come in all sizes, offer quick disconnect, and are available in a variety of drip-free spray tips and tubes.  We also offer Hydra-Hone shot sleeve reconditioning units for an economic alternative to a new shot sleeve for maintenance of cold chamber units

In no other industry is the importance of lubricant application as crucial as in metalcutting operations.  Cutting fluids help carry away heat generated during machining, cool the tool and workpiece, improve machinability, prevent adhesion of chips to the tool or workpiece, and flush away chips from the cutting zone.  All this is necessary to achieve a quality surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

With cutting fluids contributing from 8 – 16% of total production cost in machining operations, implementing the most effective coolant management solution is critical. Industrial Innovations' lubricating expertise can help reduce Investment in drill bits, taps, cutters and saw blades while improving production output and part quality.  And a reclamation unit can pay for itself quickly by rescuing and re-using coolant that would otherwise be hauled away for discard.