RECLAIM-PRO Coolant / Lubricant Purification, Recycling & Disposal

Manufacturers of Spra-Rite and Advance Automation

RECLAIM-PRO Coolant and Lubricant Purification, Recycling and Disposal.

Industrial Innovations, RECLAIM-PRO Systems for the purification, management and recycling of coolant and lubricants.

Reclaiming oils instead of disposing just makes environmental and economic sense. Our RECLAIM-PRO coolant purification systems, suited for hydrocarbon or vegetable oils, are known for reducing lubrication requirements by as much as 70% while also decreasing machine downtime.

Our solutions rely on polypropylene coalescing plates to separate oil from coolant or water by utilizing the buoyancy of the oil droplets. To ensure the best solution for each application, we employ a proprietary simulation process to custom design each separator. As no absorbents are used, this approach eliminates disposal issues as no absorbents are used as well as delivering 10+ years of field life and easy maintenance.

We offer four different size units depending upon your particular needs.

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Reclaim-Pro Machines

MSR - 5
Portable system designed for smaller shops
where 0.3 to 0.7 / gpm output will suffice

MSR - 11
Fixed system designed for 0.6 to 1 / gpm

MSR - 22
Medium duty system offering 2.4 to 4 / gpm
output rates for fixed installations.

MSR - 33
Heavy duty system for fixed installations

Find the Right Machine

Name Type Output Capacity Media Stacks Dimensions WxLxH
MSR - 5 Portable 0.3 to 0.7 gpm 0.5 8 x 28 x 19
MSR - 11 Fixed  0.6 to 1 gpm 1 15 x 51 x22
MSR - 22 Fixed w/fork pockets 2.4 to 4 gpm 4 29 x 100 x 34
MSR - 33 Fixed w/fork pockets 5 to 10 gpm 9 41 x 100 x 42