Die Casting Shot Sleeve Reconditioning

Manufacturers of Advance Automation

Die Casting Shot Sleeve Reconditioning from Industrial Innovations - Advance Automation.

Maximum the life cycle of your shot end die cast tooling.

Achieving maximum productivity and quality in the casting process requires consistent movement of the plunger through the shot sleeve. During the molten process the shot sleeves can become distorted, so it’s critical to consistently check your slot sleeve integrity.


Our vertical Hydra-Hone solution for reworking die casting cold chambers is an effective tool for maintaining a sound shot sleeve program. It requires less floor space, provides greater flexibility and reduces the number of honing fixtures needed.

  • Magnetic limit switch positioning allows honing stroke adjustment within tolerance of the machine
  • Position adjustment for sleeves from 3 to 8 inch OD.
  • Allen Bradley controller
  • Reciprocal feed monitoring and stroke count programming
  • Continuous monitoring of dual hydraulic systems
  • Over/under torque honing head protection
  • High output honing fluid recirculation system and adjustable output nozzle


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