Foundry Automation and Robotic Work Cells

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Foundry Automation and Robotic Work Cells

Accurate and consistent lubricant / water mixing.

Given the nature of the harsh conditions and jobs common to foundries, forge shops, steel mills, and many automotive plants, safety is a major issue in die casting operations. Robots are used to avoid humans from being exposed heat, harsh chemicals, high-pressure sprays and emissions.

Industrial Innovations - Advance Automation foundry robotics can perform a variety of applications, including die-casting, gravity-casting, sand-casting, finishing, water or chemical cleaning, and forging. Our automated solutions can be used to lubricate dies, pour the metal into the chamber, extract the part from the mold, etc.

Work Cell Configuration

Advance Automation offers turnkey automation system design, fabrication and installation with your choice of new or remanufactured robots. These solutions include all die cast peripherals such as ladlers, shot monitors, extractors, conveyors, trim presses, spray reciprocators, etc.

We also provide post-casting cell support with gate and riser removal, parting line cleanup, machining and finishing, as well as spare parts and field service support with 24 hour parts and service hot line.


Our extractor design achieves optimum linear repeatability of .008 inch (.2 mm). It features two linear and one rotary axis configuration with the availability of a fourth and fifth servo wrist axis. Each axis is powered by its own AC motor and monitored by its own servo feedback device.


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Casting Coolers

Our automated, inline Die Casting Cooler utilizes a unique method of casting cooling using ambient shop air to reduce aluminum casting temperatures by up to 75% in less than five minutes. This eliminates the need for a water tank or refrigeration. Contact us to learn more.

Additional Information

  Metric Units English Units
Overall Size 175 x 149 x 11,850 cm 69 x 59 x 118.5 in
Weight 1,111 kg 2,450 lb
Part Cooling Area 147 x 111 x 129 cm 58 x 44 x 51 in
Drive System 2) 1.0 hp, 1,750 rpm (2) 1.0 hp, 1,750 rpm
Blower System 6) 75 cmm (6) 2,650 cfm
Exhaust / Intake Panels Included Included
Scrap Clean Out Included Included
Motor Starters Included Included

End of Arm Tooling

Our robotic pneumatic gripper is designed to work with all major robots offering right- or left-hand extraction.

  • Electric and pneumatic utilities are physically contained within the housing
  • Quick adapter plate
  • Clamping pressure 300+ lb.
  • 2.88” – 4.62” diameter biscuit size with 50+-lb. capacity