SPRA-RITE Die-Mount Lubricant Spray Nozzle Assemblies

Manufacturers of Spra-Rite and Advance Automation

SPRA-RITE™ Zero Drip Die-Mount Lubricant Spray Nozzle Assemblies

Our patented zero-drip, die-mount nozzles enable quick setup while effectively applying lubricants to and / or the stock. These nozzles incorporate low pressure with high velocity to produce the most effective means for the controlled application of lubricants, helping to eliminate costly waste. The simple u-channel frame makes placement and setup simple and easy. And once setup, these nozzles maintain their position to consistently deliver the precise amount of fluid to meet your needs.

SPRA-RITE™ Die-Mount Nozzle Assembly Features:

• 99.5% drip-free
• No strainers, springs or ball checks
• Patented technology
• Choice of volume and spray angles
• Styles for application of thick, emulsified lubricants
• Precise application control
• Lightweight construction
• Universally adjustable
• Cuts down on die setup time and cost
• Easily mounts to die

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  • SPRA-RITE Die-Mount Nozzle Assembly | 01
  • SPRA-RITE Die-Mount Nozzle Assembly | 02
  • SPRA-RITE Die-Mount Nozzle Assembly | 03
  • SPRA-RITE Die-Mount Nozzle Assembly | 04

SPRA-RITE Die-Mount Nozzle Assembly Ordering Information

Body Configurations Low or High Volume Fittings U-Channel Heights Spray Tip Angles Spray Tip Volumes
Die-Mount Base Low 1/8" NPT 2-Inches Tall 25-Degrees 0.1-GPM
No Base Low 5/32" NPT 4-Inches Tall 40-Degrees 0.15-GPM
  High 3/16" NPT 6-Inches Tall 65-Degrees 0.2-GPM
  High 1/4" NPT   80-Degrees 0.3-GPM
      110-Degrees 0.4-GPM